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Aura Colors: Meaning Chart, and How to Find Yours

What is an aura, how do you find yours, and what is the meaning of aura colors — for example, what is the green aura meaning? Read on for an explanation of each color, described from first-hand experience in easy-to-understand language.

As background, my name is Lillie, and I’ve been a Reiki Master and chakra balancing energy worker since 2018. I specialize in being able to see the distinctive aura colors of each person who walks into my studio (hence the name of this blog!), and I discuss with each client how their specific aura connects with their current life, and possible positive paths forward.

Aura colors and meanings
Learn about aura colors and their meanings.

What are Aura Colors?

An aura — sometimes misspelled “ora” — is the field of colored light around a person, that’s created by their specific vibration. In turn, this is connected to the seven chakras or energy centers in the body, each of which has a unique color. See “How to Pronounce Chakra” if you aren’t already familiar, because the answer surprises some.

In turn, each of the seven chakras (well, there are more than seven if you count the Earth Star Chakra, or others that are outside the body) is associated with a particular realm of life. For example, the 5th or Throat Chakra is blue, and is connected with speaking your truth. These associations are important to know when interpreting auras.

How Do I Find My Aura?

There are several methods to find your unique aura colors. One is to practice meditation, relaxing into a state where you can see your own aura and meditation colors. Acupuncture works as well, and sometimes even massage, as you can enter a meditative dream state to see your energy field. There are also “aura photography” services, but I’ve never tried them, myself.

Now, I may be biased because I’m a Reiki practitioner, I do find that Reiki to be one of the best ways to find your aura. The reason is because you have a second (highly trained) person in the room with you to discuss what they’re seeing in your energy field while they do the gentle hand placements. It makes for wonderful discussions! (See “How to Pronounce Reiki.”)

A final way to assess your energy colors is to read this aura color chart, below, and see which of the descriptions you most resonate with. It’s amazing how many people can guess their own auras, even before working with an energy practitioner! Let’s dive in.

Aura Colors

Learn the meaning of aura colors in this chart created by a Reiki energy work practitioner.

Do Auras Change Over Time?

Once you’ve found your aura, the logical next question is: Do aura colors change over time? My answer from years of experience, working with hundreds of Reiki clients, is that people tend to have core aura colors that stay the same, but circumstances can add or intensify certain colors as those chakras become activated. For example, as we now know the yellow aura meaning is about self-love, I have noticed that color intensifying as certain clients begin building their confidence.

Aura Colors, in Sum

So, what has been your experience with aura colors? What are yours, and have they changed or stayed the same over the years? How did you find them? What remaining questions do you have? Do share!

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