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Red Aura Meaning, Explained by Chakras and Reiki

What is the red aura meaning? In other words, what does it signify if someone’s aura colors or energy field has a red hue to it? Read on to find out!

As background, I’m a Reiki Master and chakra balancing energy worker named Lillie who has worked with hundreds of clients since 2018, and specializes in being able to see each person’s unique aura colors. I find this leads to wonderful conversations with people about where they are in their life now, and paths forward to achieve their goals. In all of my articles here, I write from first-hand, real-life experiences.

Red aura meaning
What is the red aura meaning?

What is the Red Chakra?

In order to understand the meaning of a red aura, we need to back up and identify which is the red chakra energy center in the body. (See “How to Pronounce Chakra.”)

Of the seven chakras of the body, the one associated with the color red is the First or Root Chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit), which is located at the base of the spine. It is at the hips and lower pelvis, where my hands are placed in the Reiki image of me working, above.

This First Chakra is located right below the Second or Sacral Chakra which is associated with an orange aura. In contrast to the orange Sacral Chakra, the red Root Chakra is associated with a strong foundation, grounding, and safety. Picture the firm, solid earth holding up the roots of a tree so it can grow. The chakra energy is the base of everything.

Red Aura Meaning

Given this red Root Chakra background, we can infer that people with a red aura have a firmly grounded and strong sense of safety and “rooted-ness.” They are not “head in the clouds” people (like white aura folks), but rather have their feet solidly in the earthly base of reality.

Note that the feeling of security that people with a red aura exude is distinct from the yellow aura vibe of self-love and confidence. For red aura people, think of the solid roots of a tree.

Now here is a bit of a confusing addition: Sometimes in Reiki clients with strong red auras, I also can feel they have a distinct BLOCKAGE in their First Chakra. In instances like this, the person has a red energy field because their body and soul is needing MORE safety in their lives.

I know it sounds confusing that a red aura either means that the person is nicely grounded and rooted in strength, OR needing more safety and security in their lives — but the key in figuring out which is the case is to ask, “What are your current thoughts on stability and feeling safe?” You’ll figure it out quickly, and that will help with next steps forward.

Pink Aura Meaning

Time for a quick variant on red auras: Pink auras! I interpret light red or pink auras as people who have a growing sense of stability or grounded-ness that is not developed yet, but is coming along. This is different from the magenta aura meaning, as I usually see magenta (reddish-purple) when people have a full 7-chakra energy flow activated — from the root of the spine with the red aura, to the crown of the head with its purple aura; it’s very powerful and positive.

The Red Aura Meaning, in Sum

I hope this article on the red aura meaning has been helpful. Now I’m so curious — what have been your experiences with this color of energy field? Do share!

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