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Blue Aura Meaning: the 4th Chakra and Reiki

What is a blue aura meaning? In other words, what does it signify if a person has a blueish light around them that can be seen during meditation, by a Reiki master, or during acupuncture, aura photography, or other aura reading methods? Read on to find out!

First, some background. My name is Lillie, and I’m a Boston Reiki practitioner who has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and who specializes in seeking colors during meditation and energy work that correlate with people’s auras. In my sessions, we discuss insights gleaned from these energy fields, to help clients think through positive paths forward in life.

Everything I write in my Reiki blog articles is from hands-on, first-hand experience, paired with years of training and research. I share this, because many articles on the topic are not written by actual practitioners, and I’d advocate for opting for posts that are!

Blue aura meaning
Blue aura meaning, explained…

What is the Blue Chakra?

Before diving into the blue aura meaning, we need to take a quick step back to review which chakra energy center in the body is associated with the color blue, as that’s the key to the interpretation. (See my article on how to pronounce chakra, as most people say it incorrectly.)

The color blue is associated with the 5th, Vishuddha, or Throat Chakra, located at (you guessed it) the throat. All of the Reiki images in this article picture me placing my hands just below this chakra. Another way I access the Throat Chakra is to slide a hand directly under the neck, as the client is reclining on their back, or have them turn forward into the face cradle so I can place both hands gently on the throat.

This blue energy center is connected with speaking your truth — clearly, boldly, and effectively. Note that the 5th Chakra is directly above the 4th or Heart Chakra, which is about compassionate love, and has a green aura.

Blue Aura Meaning

Given this chakra context, it becomes clear: blue auras are associated with people who are able to boldly speak their truth — and the truth about the world that needs to be said. The clients I see this most often with are in vocal positions of power, such as a school principal, or people who are in the middle of a wonderful period of verbal self-expression — learning how to be making requests that are heard and embraced.

Unblocking the 5th Chakra

Here’s an example, from my practice, of what creates a blue energy field. The second time a certain client came into my Reiki studio, she had a distinct blue aura. (See “How to Pronounce Reiki” if unsure of how.)

Where did this blue come from? Well, it turned out that she’d finally started to share more of her true self, verbally, with her parents and spouse. Though she’d been nervous to speak what was really there for her, the results had been excellent — more happiness and effectiveness all around, with the words being well-received.

Her 5th Chakra had clearly been blocked before, and now that she was sharing honestly, it had become unblocked. That is the key to releasing barriers to generating a blue aura: speak what is truly there for you — with compassion and wisdom. (I connect this with the yellow aura meaning, which is about the confidence and self-love of the 3rd Chakra.)

Blue aura
What does a blue aura mean?

Are Blue Auras Common?

In fact, I find it quite rare to see a blue aura in people, and there’s a somewhat sad reason why: Most people are terrified to speak their truth, and say what needs to be said. In contrast, I find an orange aura (meaning fiery creativity and sensuality) very common in clients.

Blue Aura Meaning, in Sum

There you have it: from my experience as a Reiki practitioner who specializes in aura colors and chakra balancing, a blue aura is seen in people who are boldly speaking their truth — often in a way that is compassionate and effective. So what about you? What has your experience been with the blue aura meaning? Do share!

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