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Green Aura Meaning: the 4th Chakra and Reiki

Curious to learn what a green aura meaning is, in the world of aura colors? In other words, what does it signify if there is an emerald color of energy floating around a person?

Is this correlated with a specific temperament, chakra, or tendency? What are the strengths and challenges of people with a green aura? Read on for the answers, explained by a Reiki practitioner.

Green aura meaning
What is a green aura meaning?

Why Trust this Article?

As background, my name is Lillie, and I have been a certified Reiki practitioner since 2018. I run a Boston Reiki studio, and have worked with over a hundred clients over the years. All of the insights and suggestions in this article are from hands-on, first-person experience.

My specialty in energy work is being able to see the unique aura colors around each client. This can be extremely beneficial in discussions about life choices and paths forward, as explained by the examples below.

Green Aura Meaning

I have a special love for a green aura because it is correlated with the 4th Chakra, Anahata, or Heart Chakra — because it is associated with compassionate love! People who have a green energy field are generally warm, kind, and giving. They’re the sort of folks whose energy feels like warm sunshine or a hug: nourishing, safe, thoughtful, and loving. 

Difference from Other Auras

Note that green 4th Chakra love energy is distinct from the 3rd and 2nd Chakra auras, though they have some similarities. The Third Chakra (just above the navel) is associated with a yellow aura, meaning it’s all about SELF-love — in contrast to the compassionate love for OTHERS indicated by a green aura.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Chakra is associated with an orange aura, meaning lustful love or sensuality: the kind of love between romantic partners. This is different from the 4th Chakra green aura, which is about kindness and compassion. When you think “green aura,” think: maternal or paternal love. (Learn about the chakra pronunciation here.)

Green Aura Characteristics  

People with a green aura are often thinking of how to help others, and go out of their way to make sure others are provided for — sometimes even to the detriment of their own wellbeing. As an example, I once had a Reiki client with a distinct green aura who asked repeatedly during our session, “Lillie, are you comfortable standing during this session? Would you prefer to sit?” 

I found this question quite poignant; here was a woman who had paid for a Reiki session in order to relax — but instead was spending the hour stressing about whether the practitioner was getting sore legs! I ended up guiding the woman through a meditation with breath-work in order to release concern about others (at least temporarily) in order to focus on herself and her own wellbeing.

After all, you can’t effectively help others if you’re exhausted all the time, yourself! As one of the 5 Reiki Principles states, “Just for today, I will not worry.”

Cautions About Green Chakra Energy

This leads us to an important point about people with a green aura. Though the strength of the energy color and field is beautiful, powerful care for others, the downside is that often people with a green aura are caring so much for other people, that they are neglecting themselves and their own health.

This brings to mind a client who came in because, as he explained on his Reiki intake form, he had been struggling with his weight. He had one of the strongest green auras I have ever seen. This client explained that he just couldn’t find time to work out or hire a personal trainer — or even go for short walks outside, though his doctor was advising him to do so, and he actually enjoyed exercise.

During the course of our session, however, it came out that he seemed to have ample time to cook a hot breakfast for his teenage children every single morning, do all of their clothing shopping, and clean their rooms for them. This client was prioritizing everyone else over himself.

Using a discussion of the 4th Chakra or green chakra, we were able to conclude that this man both could and SHOULD begin to show HIMSELF the same level of care he showered upon his children, by carving out time for fitness and sleep. His own health depended on it. Daily meditation, self-Reiki, and enlisting the support of loved ones can work wonders for this.

Green Auras and Sadness

Often when I work with clients who have a green aura, I find a specific sort of sadness when I reach the Reiki hand placement around their heart (pictured in my Reiki photo at the start of this article). First, as the green aura swirls around us, my hands feel a beautiful, rich warmth — like the comfort of a warm hug. This is the compassionate, love power of a green aura.

However, more times than I could count, after several minutes of me channeling loving energy TOWARDS the person at their heart, tears well up in the person’s eyes, and we both begin to cry. What is the reason for this sadness and grief release?

The client usually explains: “I’m suddenly realizing that I spend all my time caring for others… but I am rarely receiving care in THIS direction, TOWARDS me. I need love too! It’s just sometimes so hard for me to accept. I feel more comfortable helping others than letting others care for me.“

The good news about this realization is that it is fixable. Once people see the imbalance in care and begin having conversations with loved ones about it, they are often able to begin to take a step back and allow the people in their lives to care for THEM for a change. (People with a green aura can learn from those with a blue aura, who boldly speak their truth.)

In most cases, their loved ones have actually been hungry for this opportunity to support them, but didn’t have the space to do so before. This is the key with the green aura meaning: the capacity for great compassionate love and care in people with this energy field is phenomenal, but needs to be balanced with receiving love and care as well, to avoid burnout.

Green Aura Meaning, in Sum

I hope this exploration of the green aura meaning has been helpful. What other aspects of or as an energy work would you like me to discuss? Do share, and I invite you to peruse some of my other articles such as my recent one on the purple aura meaning.

For further reading, see the discussion surrounding the First Chakra, and the red aura meaning.

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