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Yellow Aura Meaning: the 3rd Chakra and Reiki

Curious about a yellow aura meaning? What does it signify when a person’s energy field has a golden glow to it, and which chakra is it associated with? How can identifying it actually help in life coaching? Read on to find out!

My name is Lillie and I’m a Boston Reiki energy work practitioner who has been training since 2018 and has worked with over 100 clients. My specialty is being able to see the aura colors associated with each person who walks into the door of my studio.

As I place my hands gently on a client during our session, I see the colors of their predominant chakras (or energy centers) behind my closed eyes. (See my article on the surprising answer to how to pronounce “chakra.”)

As explained in my articles about the purple aura meaning and the red aura meaning, each chakra color is associated with a different topic, and by discussing with clients what I see as their aura colors, we can assess what is going on with their life right now, and possible productive paths for the future.

Yellow aura meaning
What is the Yellow aura meaning?

Yellow Aura Meaning

When I place my hands on a client during a Reiki session and see a yellow aura floating around them, what does that mean? Well, the color yellow is associated with the Third Chakra: the energy center which is located in the middle of the torso, above the navel and below the chest. (In the Reiki image that I created, above, my right hand is directly on the yellow chakra.)

The Third Chakra or Manipura

The Solar Plexus or Third Chakra is also called the Manipura — but what is it all about? The yellow chakra is connected with confidence, self-love, and moving forward. When I encounter someone with a yellow aura, it usually indicates that their self-love and self-confidence have wonderfully strong clarity.

Strengths of a Yellow Aura

Do not mistake the confidence associated with a yellow aura for arrogance. Rather, yellow auras tend to be the BEST kind of self-love. In most cases, these are people who have done a good amount of work on self-healing and self-care — creating a rich foundation which allows them be kind to others, and make requests clearly when needed.

If you think about it, so much bad behavior and unkindness stems from lack of confidence! It’s those who truly love themselves who are best able to help the world.

Clearing and Supporting the Yellow Chakra

What about those WITHOUT a yellow aura? In contrast to those with a yellow aura, sometimes Reiki clients come in, and their Third Chakra is so blocked that when I place my hands on the area that should be yellow, my stomach drops and I almost feel nauseous.

In these cases, I work with the client to channel energy, love, and intention into that Solar Plexus Chakra (taking into account any sensitive information they’ve shared on their Reiki intake form beforehand). To boost their yellow aura where it is lacking, I have them do a Reiki meditation that goes something like this:

“Feel where my hand is now in the center of your belly? This is the Third Chakra energy center associated with confidence and self love, and it’s feeling a little blocked right now. I’d like you to take two deep breaths all the way out, and then visualize a yellow or golden light radiating out of your Solar Plexus, bathing your body in sunshine as you become present to how truly wonderful you are.”

I then guide the client to bring their mind to accomplishments they’ve done, no matter how small. To get present to their beauty, and the wonder that is their unique self. To acknowledge themselves for all they are and all they have done — exactly as they are — and realize how precious they are. As one of the 5 Reiki Principles states: “Just for today, I will be grateful.”

By the end of this meditation, I often see a yellow aura start to glow around the person… and sometimes they will even start to cry with happiness. This is a very powerful exercise; in some cases I’ve even had clients go on to stop drinking alcohol because they realized it was numbing their ability for self-love!

You can try this exercise by yourself to boost your self-love and yellow aura. Just place your hands right on your Manipura, and feel the warmth of your energy, tapping into your greatness.

Yellow Aura Meaning

I hope this article on the yellow aura meaning and yellow chakra has been helpful. If you’ve experienced it, yourself, what are your thoughts or questions? Do share!

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