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Welcome to Reiki Colors Blog

Hello! This Reiki blog was created by Lillie, a multi-certified energy worker who runs a vibrant Boston Reiki practice, and has been doing hands-on work with clients since 2018.

The name of this site comes because Lillie’s specialty is being able to see “Reiki colors,” or the specific aura colors of each person who comes into her studio. In addition to running this site and her studio, Lillie is also a writer, artist, teacher, and mother.

Reiki Colors blog serves to share helpful insights about Reiki and chakra balancing by answering the frequent questions that Lillie encounters with the many clients she works with on a daily basis. This site is for anyone — client or practitioner — yearning for a deep dive into understanding more about this wonderful Japanese art of relaxing touch.

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Welcome to Reiki Colors blog!

Reiki Colors Meaning

What do I mean by “seeing Reiki colors?” See my comprehensive article on the aura colors from specific chakras that can be accessed during a Reiki energy work session!

Categories on this Reiki Blog:

Reiki Colors is organized into three categories: Learning Reiki, During Reiki, and After Reiki. Click any to see the articles therein, but please know that this Reiki blog was launched in January of 2023, so it is still very much in the growth stages. Lillie will be adding to it passionately over the next several months.

Learning Reiki:

The articles in the “Learning Reiki” category go into background about energy work that help understand how it functions, its history, and how a Reiki practice is operated.

During Reiki:

The articles on this Reiki blog in the “During Reiki” category delve into what clients may experience in the midst of an energy work session, including Reiki colors’ meaning — plus tips on how to troubleshoot common concerns, questions, or issues.

After Reiki:

Lillie’s articles in the “After Reiki” category explain what one might experience in the hours or even days after an energy work session, providing advice on how to deal with common challenges or questions for maximum wellbeing.

Questions, Comments, or Requests for this Reiki Blog?

Want Lillie to write about a specific topic in her next article for Reiki Colors? Want new topics covered in my section about Reiki en Español? Feel free to leave a comment, or email Lillie at!