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Orange Aura Meaning: the 2nd Chakra and Reiki

As we move through our exploration of aura colors and their significance, we get to one of my favorite questions: What is an orange aura meaning? In other words, what does it indicate if a person has an orange energy field around them? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

Aura Explanation Qualifications

First, some background about the person writing this article. My name is Lillie, and I’ve been training as a Reiki Master since 2018, and run a studio in Boston that has seen hundreds of clients over the years. (See my article on how to pronounce Reiki if you’re stuck on that one!)

My particular specialty in energy work is being able to see the individual aura colors of each person who comes in, and to build on that meaning to have a conversation with the client about what’s going on in their life, and what path they want to take in the future — much like a life coach, but based in energy work principles.

The reflections in this article come from hands-on, first-hand experience over time, paired with research and training — as with my yellow aura meaning article. Though the concept of auras may seem far-fetched, I’ve found that it actually holds truth again and again, and I invite you to keep an open mind as you hear these stories.

Orange aura
What does an orange aura mean?

Orange Aura Meaning

Seeing an orange aura around a person is correlated with their Second Chakra — also called the Sacral Chakra or Svadhistana — which is located just below the belly-button. This is right above the First or Root Chakra that is associated with a red aura. In both of the Reiki images I’ve added in this article, my hand is resting on this energy center.

Second Chakra Associations

What is this orange chakra associated with? (See my tutorial on how to pronounce chakra, since it’s not what most people think.)

The Sacral Chakra is connected with creativity and sensuality. “Creativity” can broadly relate to any activity where there is passionate self-expression and free creation, such as dance, drawing, poetry, paints, and more.

“Sensuality” relates to things that delight the senses, and transport you into passionate abandon. Most obviously, there are physical romantic activities — but sensuality is also about luxuriating in a warm bath, reveling in delicious food, or ecstatically appreciating nature. This orange chakra has more of a “lust” flavor than the compassionate love of the green aura meaning.

Some people are surprised that creativity and sensuality are housed in the same chakra, but when you think about it, both aspects absolutely connected. Each is about letting yourself go in the flow of passion and creation. Interestingly, activating this chakra through creative or sensual activities can be particularly powerful in helping with grief relief and release, because it can pull a person out of spiraling sadness.

What Does Orange Energy Mean?

Given this second chakra background, what does an orange aura mean? Over and over, I find people with orange energy have overflowing passion — either in creativity, or sensuality, or both. Perhaps they are already deeply engaged in activities in that vein. Or (more often than not), they are hungry for more such outlets, but too nervous to start making requests to add them into life.

For example (on the sensual side), one client with a pulsing orange aura revealed that she’d been aching for more romantic time with her husband, but work kept getting in the way. Pent-up sensuality was causing her insomnia and stress. Upon discussion, we concluded that scheduling a special date night regularly would make a world of difference. In other cases, some female clients have found personal massagers a great option.

In an example from the creative side, another client with orange energy explained (after I explained her aura reading) that she’d been an artist for many years, but had since given it up after taking a standard computer job. All that creative energy was swirling inside her with nowhere to go, and it was making her miserable! She left the Reiki studio with a newfound determination to bring art creation back into her life. Reiki for clarity!

As one of the 5 Reiki Principles states: “Just for today… I will be kind to all living things.” In fact, we must extend that kindness to ourselves, too, and it’s part of our work as energy practitioners to help guide clients to do so — often by finally reconnecting with the parts of themselves that have been neglected.

Orange aura meaning
The orange aura meaning is connected with the Second Chakra.

Orange Aura Meaning, in Sum

There you have it: Orange energy is about creativity and sensuality, and can give clues about fruitful paths forward in life. I hope this article on the orange aura meaning has been illuminating. If you or someone you know has second chakra energy, what has been your experience? What questions do you still have about aura colors? Do share!

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