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Reiki for Clarity in Life: How and Why It Works

How does Reiki (and other energy work, like acupuncture) help bring clarity about what you want and need in life, and next steps forward? How can it help you if you’re tired but can’t sleep because of a confusing thing that’s causing stress? Let’s take a deep dive into making the most of Reiki for clarity and focus of life purpose!

As background, my name is Lillie, and I’ve been a certified Reiki practitioner since 2018. Over the years of running my Boston Reiki studio, I’ve developed a particular affinity for helping people use energy work to figure out what will bring them greater happiness fulfillment in their daily life. But how and why does it work?

Reiki for clarity and focus.
Reiki for clarity and focus.

A useful framework for comprehending Reiki for clarity is to think about the role of dreams in our lives. During a dream state, your body and brain get to such a state of relaxation that your subconscious can process “unfinished business” by stringing images and emotions together — sometimes even in strange scenes. Sleep is restorative to us because this mental reorganizing is happening. Meditation has similar effects.

During Reiki or other energy work, a similar thing happens: your brain and body can relax enough to tell you what they most need. The clarifying boost of Reiki is real. Here’s what you may experience during the process, with some tips about how to make it work most powerfully for your benefit.

1. Relax, observe, and allow.

As the Reiki practitioner begins their hand placements, and you begin relaxing into the trance-like, meditative energy flow, you may notice emotions, memories, or images pop up. Now here’s the key: as I explained in my article about seeing visions during Reiki, do not fight against or repress whatever stream of consciousness comes to mind!

Rather, let it all unfold to see where it goes. Even if what comes to mind seems utterly off topic, go with it. Be curious.

2. Be in dialogue with the practitioner.

Either during the Reiki session or directly after it, talk with the Reiki practitioner about what you saw and felt, and hear what they observed from their point of view. Together, you may well be able to put together the pieces of what messages your body and subconscious are telling you, to help understand the best path forward.

For example, if you were experiencing shaking during Reiki, you can work together to understand what your body was resisting, and what actions could be put in place in the coming weeks to help you work through that block. In another example, if the practitioner was feeling a particular energy concentration (or lack thereof) in a specific chakra, that also leads to insights.

3. Reflect on the messages.

After your Reiki session, take the time to journal, meditate, exercise, be in nature, hydrate, sleep, and talk with trusted confidantes and therapists about your experience, and what it may mean. (See my article about how to prevent or fix a headache after Reiki that can be caused by this processing.) Bit by bit, the messages may begin coming into focus — or they may be clear as day immediately.

If you’re still stumped about next steps after several weeks of good self-care and reflection time, consider booking another energy work appointment, as three or four sessions can really begin to help illuminate. As I explained in “How Many Reiki Sessions are Needed?” one is better than none, and more is better than one!

Reiki for Clarity and Focus

I hope this article helped provide some useful guidance on how to use Reiki for clarity and focus in life paths. For more on timing, check out, “How Many Reiki Sessions are Needed?” An extension of this discussion is to explore how Couples Reiki can assist with clarity within a relationship between two people.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or experiences in the comment section below, or by messaging me at @HealingTouchL on Instagram. For further reading on this topic, see my article on Reiki as a life coach. Happy energizing!

Want another way to enhance life clarity? Read about how Reiki can help stop drinking alcohol. If you’re an energy work professional, yourself, check out my article about Reiki practitioner cleansing before, during, and after each session.

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