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Reiki Images, Pictures, Photos, and More

Curious to see and learn more about Reiki images? This article will show examples of energy work pictures, give leads on where to find more, and also provide tips on why and how to take good photos of hands-on chakra balancing for instructional, educational, or marketing purposes.

First, some background. My name is Lillie and I am a Boston Reiki practitioner who has been training in energy work since 2018, and has worked with over a hundred clients over the years. I am also a blogger, writer, and artist, so I think often about how photos contribute to illustrating concepts, and can also pique interest. All the pictures on this site are really of me!

Reiki images
Reiki images are key in demonstrating what energy work involves.

Why Use Reiki Photos?

Using Reiki images is essential for two reasons. First, to demonstrate to people what is involved in energy work. There is much misinformation out there (ex: “Is Reiki even real?”), so showing pictures of real people enjoying relaxation from the gentle touch of energy work is key.

Second, if you are a Reiki practitioner, yourself, and trying to build your own business, Reiki photos are essential. Now, the key in building trust (besides cleansing the Reiki studio well) is to have your actual self in the photos, and to use good quality images.

While it may seem expensive to invest in a professional photographer to help, it’s worth every penny in the high quality the final result yields! Clients tell me all the time that they selected my business for booking because they loved the Reiki pictures on my site.

(Reiki practitioners, if you’d like more tips on building your business, check out my articles on Reiki intake form tips.)

What Makes Reiki Images Good?

Here are my tips about taking good Reiki photos for your business, learned from two different energy work photo shoots I did this past year.

1. Use a professional photographer with a good camera.

Reiterating what I wrote in the previous section, it is 110% worth it to invest in a professional photographer for your Reiki photos. A quality camera, good lighting, and a skilled eye make all the difference. For example, as you can see in the image of me with a client in my article, “How Many Reiki Sessions Are Needed?” a pro is able to do amazing things with lens focus.

2. Make sure to get different camera angles.

For your Reiki photo shoot, go wild in snapping every possible angle; you will want a variety for educational and marketing purposes. (For example for my article on how to pronounce chakra, it was wonderful to have many pictures to choose from of my hands on different chakras during Reiki sessions.) Keep the photos in an easy-to access folder on your computer, and back them up in the cloud in on least one other platform, because you’ll want to revisit them again and again for new promotional materials.

As you can see from the pictures on this site, I recommend Reiki images that range from full-body angles, to face close-ups, to leg or even feet close-ups. Remember that you can also crop pictures later, too. If you offer couples Reiki, make sure to photograph that, too.

3. Choose outfits and sheets carefully, and photograph several.

I was a little embarrassed to walk into my 2-hour Reiki photo shoot with an entire suitcase full of different outfits, and definitely made the models and photographer pause every 10 minutes or so for a clothing change (hey — making requests isn’t a bad thing), but WOW was it worth it to get a range of different colors of clothing in my resulting Reiki images! I would also suggest bringing two to three different options for Reiki sheets, and coordinate with models so they’re wearing colors that are varied from each other, and work well with your outfits.

4. Find a range of models for your Reiki images.

I addition to photographing a range of outfits, I highly recommend enlisting the help of a wide range of models: diverse in age, body type, ethnicity, gender, orientation, and more. This helps communicate that your business welcomes clients of all backgrounds.

I had great success in recruiting neighbors to help out via my local Facebook and NextDoor group, and offered discounted future Reiki or life coach sessions as payment. Just make sure you have all volunteers sign a model release form before coming.

5. Be mindful of background clutter.

Check the photo frame to make sure the Reiki images have clean and clear backgrounds. No one wants to try to edit out a random chair or jacket after the photo shoot! I know one of the 5 Reiki Principles is “Just for today, I will not worry…” but in this case, it is actually worth it to worry about what the background of your photo frame looks like.

6. Illustrate whether you use touch or no-touch Reiki, or both.

Some Reiki practitioners do energy work by placing their hands directly on a client, while others hover the hands just above. Both are great modalities, but are different enough that you’ll want to make sure your Reiki photos illustrate which type you use, so clients will know what to expect. As you can see from the photo I used for “Tired But Can’t Sleep? Reiki Can Help!” I use hands-on Reiki.

7. Smile at least a little.

Though my face is usually totally relaxed during an actual Reiki session, I’ve found that the photos where I (and the model) am smiling at least a slight amount come out looking more welcoming.

8. Take some video as well as Reiki photos.

Since you already have everything looking nice for your photo shoot, take a few short Reiki videos as well, while you’re at it. I recommend doing some easy phone videos (vertical orientation), in addition to horizontal “big camera” ones.

Where to Find More Reiki Pictures

This Reiki blog,, is chock-full of real photos of me doing energy work, as well as some Reiki art that I drew; each article has one to three different pictures. If you would like to purchase any of these images for a reasonable price, please contact me at Lillie at and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Reiki Images, in Sum

I hope this article on Reiki images and photo shoots has proven helpful. What other questions or thoughts do you have about finding, using, or creating Reiki pictures, or building a business as a Reiki Master for the benefit of clients? Do share!

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