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Want a Life Coach? Try Reiki Energy Work!

Often, people search for a life coach in order to get un-stuck. They want to enhance performance in any facet of life — from career, to relationships, to health — or are looking for clarity in paths forward.

If this is you, perhaps you’re looking for a deeper understanding of what your goals are, or how to achieve them. Maybe you are seeking new and creative ways for moving out of a situation you yearn to transition from, in order to leap into a better next chapter. Maybe you’re tired but can’t sleep from insomnia driven by confused stress. Indeed, life coaches can help with all of this.

Now, traditional life coaches who work by talking with clients (either on the phone, Zoom, online, or in person) are fantastic. However, an often-overlooked method of getting to the next level of performance in life is lesser-known: Life coaching by Reiki touch energy work plus talking! Let’s explore how and why it works. 

Reiki life coach
Want a life coach session that’s a little different? Try Reiki!

First, some background. My name is Lillie, and I am a Reiki practitioner in Boston who has been training since 2018, and has worked with over one hundred clients. Over and over, I have seen how Reiki — gentle hand placement’s to create a meditative state allow energy to flow — can support clients in their personal development by leaps and bounds. In other words, it’s a form of life coach. But how does this combination of touch and talking work, in order to help people get un-stuck life?

Life Coach Sessions by Reiki

Here’s how: Think of Reiki as an assisted, collaborative, meditative, dream state. During a one hour session, you lay down, fully clothed, and are guided into breathing deeply during the soft hand placements, letting your mind wander, seeing what comes up.

As you become more and more relaxed, you may get flashes of memories or experience emotions. Images may pop to mind, or your thoughts may drift to surprising and new places — forming connections, mentally, that your everyday brain may never have put together before.

As I explained during my “visions during Reiki” article, do not dismiss anything that comes up during your Reiki session, because everything is important — even if something appears in your mind that seems completely random. There is a reason your body generated that thought, and it bears welcoming and investigating. 

Examples of Reiki for Life Revelations

Here is an example of Reiki life coach work. Recently, a man came in, who had been feeling disconnected from his wife. During the course of our session – merely by laying down, relaxing, and letting his brain achieve a meditative state – this man was able to really think through what was going on with his marriage relationship. He realized that he had not taken his wife out on a date or made her feel special in months and months. He hadn’t been making his love clear.

That very day, he went home and did just that: He asked his wife out on a date… and they had a wonderful time! This led to a wonderful new phase in their relationship, where he was able to give her the appreciation which he had been stopped in expressing before.

In a different example, a client came in because she was trying to figure out why she was tired all the time. Laying there, relaxed, on the table, she began do to the math of how much alcohol she was drinking each week. It didn’t seem like a lot to have one to three drinks a night… but it had started to add up, and she didn’t feel like herself without drinking. She began to realize that she needed to stop drinking alcohol to move to the higher level of performance in life that she wanted.

Here’s a third, more complex example. One day a client came in who was feeling, dejected, ongoingly, and couldn’t figure out why. Something was missing in her life. During our Reiki session, this woman began to see the color orange. She made the wise choice of speaking out loud during our session to share this information with me.

“Ah hah!” I said, “An orange aura and the orange chakra is associated with creativity and sensuality. That is a place to look, in your mind, to see what comes up for you. Take a moment and begin thinking through: what is the current role of creativity or sensuality in your life right now, and is there a way this realm might need nourishment?” 

With a gasp, the woman exclaimed the following: “I used to be an artist and paint all of the time. Since I have started working at an intense technology job, I have almost completely cut off my creative side. That’s what’s missing! I need to get back to the art that makes me so happy.” Boom! Life coach work by Reiki. See my article, “How Many Reiki Sessions Are Needed?” for more on timing.

Reiki vs. Solo Mediation

This third example also demonstrates why Reiki with a trained practitioner can be even more helpful in life clarity and life coaching than solo meditation. Now don’t get me wrong – solo daily meditation is a key building block in self care and well-being, as well as figuring out your life, and should absolutely be done.

However, as you can see, the benefit of doing meditation to see what comes up for you during a Reiki session is that there is another person there (the practitioner) who can help collaboratively think through what the images you are seeing mean. (See my article about the yellow aura meaning for more examples.) This “partner” can help you figure out which elements in your life could use nourishment, changes, or attention — and how to provide that in a healthy way. 

VIDEO: Reiki for Clearer Life Paths

In this video, I explain (from my Reiki studio in Boston), how Reiki can be a powerful life coach to help put together the puzzle of what’s needed for next steps. Enjoy my curly cowlick.

What Does Life Coaching Cost?

Interestingly, the cost of traditional talk life coaching is usually higher than the cost of Reiki sessions, so choosing the latter can save money. While Reiki sessions can cost $60 to $150 an hour (though higher certainly exists), life coaches generally charge $100 – $250. They can be worth every penny — the key is just to figure out which is the best match for YOU.

Reiki Life Coach Help, in Sum

Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful and wise. Give yourself the gift of tapping into its wisdom by trying a life coach session for clarity by Reiki energy work! If you’ve tried it, do share in the comments, below, what your experience was. If you haven’t tried it yet but have questions, feel free to ask them, below.

Around Boston? Consider trying my Boston life coach by Reiki services.

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