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Help to Stop Drinking Alcohol by Reiki Energy Work

Can getting Reiki energy work treatments help cut down on drinking alcohol, or stop drinking alcohol altogether? Though nothing is a miracle cure to quit unwanted habits, Reiki can quite possibly be of great assistance in sobriety.

My name is Lillie, and I am a Reiki practitioner in Boston who has been working with this healing modality since 2018. I, myself, actually used Reiki treatments as one of the tools that helped me stop drinking alcohol in 2020 — a sober lifestyle change that I continue to maintain through the present day.

What I will explain in this article is how Reiki and alcohol actually have some similarities, which is why this alcohol-to-Reiki replacement works. However, naturally, the two also have major differences in wellbeing outcomes, which is why considering using Reiki to stop drinking alcohol might be so beneficial. Let’s examine each.

Can Reiki help to stop drinking alcohol?
Can Reiki help to stop drinking alcohol?

Similarities Between Alcohol and Reiki’s Effects:

It is important to establish similarities between Reiki and alcohol, because research suggests that it is much easier (and more effective) to replace one habit with a healthier one that has similarities, rather than just trying to quit the undesired habit, cold turkey. Here are some of the similarities – many of which are surprising.

1. Alcohol and Reiki are both an escape.

Speaking for myself, one of the reasons why I drank alcohol was to escape from certain emotions or situations that I needed a quick break from. Alcohol provided the instant feeling of “something different,” or “adventure.”

Interestingly, Reiki can also produce an altered state. Because it’s an assisted meditative and dream-like state, energy work helps you feel transported away from everyday issues, which can be incredibly freeing and relaxing — and fun!

2. They alter perspective, which brings freedom and clarity.

Because alcohol puts you into an altered state and lowers inhibitions, some people find a new perspective during and after drinking. Reiki absolutely provides those bursts of life clarity as well. Just as dreams and meditation help a person tap into their true desires and thoughts, most of my clients emerge from our Reiki sessions with a fresh perspective on their life path. 

3. They boost connection with other humans.

We know that alcohol helps decrease inhibitions in speech and touch, which can bring people closer to other humans — for better or worse. Reiki is a beautiful healthy version of this. Because we are so un-used to kind, gentle touch and attention from strangers in our daily lives, receiving Reiki puts most people in a state of connection with humanity, which in turn provides a feeling of belonging, safety, and comfort. 

4. They both can lead to headaches if not hydrated after.

Both Reiki and alcohol have such a powerful effect on the body — physically and emotionally — that they can lead to headaches if adequate water and rest is not provided afterwards. (Read more about how to avoid a headache after Reiki here. The advice actually works for booze, too.)

5. They boost self-confidence and self love.

Alcohol is sometimes jokingly referred to as “Liquid Confidence,” because it helps people get over shyness and doubt, so they can begin making requests and taking actions that had previously scared them. Reiki has a similar, yet more lasting, effect.

During our our energy work sessions, I help guide clients to tap into the wonder, beauty and achievements of their own selves. When they emerge from our time together, they’re often glowing — fully present to their fabulousness in a way they hadn’t been before.

Differences Between Alcohol and Reiki

Obviously, there are vast differences between the effects of alcohol versus Reiki on the body, which are important to clarify in order to show why the switch from the former to the latter could be important.

1. Alcohol is a depressant and toxin, while Reiki has been shown to boost well-being.

There’s not much to add here except for… it’s just true. Be mindful of what you put in your body.

2. Alcohol often leads to regret, while Reiki generally does not.

Though both booze and energy work can produce an altered state, inhibitions are usually far more erased with alcohol (especially when the substance is abused), leading at times to actions during drinking which are later regretted. In contrast, I have yet to hear of a client whose inhibitions after Reiki were so low that they did something they wished they hadn’t after the session.

3. Positive effects of Reiki are lasting, and build upon themselves.

While alcohol slowly wears away at the body the more that it’s used, Reiki ADDS TO healing and wellbeing the more it’s received. I think of how many times I thought: “I’m tired but can’t sleep” when I was drinking — but Reiki helped move past that.

4. Alcohol causes weight gain, while Reiki helps cleanse the body.

The biggest difference I saw after quitting alcohol, besides sleeping better and being better able to tap into my true needs and wants, was that I lost weight. Booze is simply empty calories with no nutritional value. In contrast, Reiki helps the body relax, which intern helps it process optimally, leaving you feeling stronger and healthier. 

5. Reiki actually ends up being less expensive than alcohol.

When people think about the cost of Reiki (which can range from $50-$150, depending where you go), they sometimes declare it prohibitively expensive… but let’s do a little math here. If you are a regular drinker — even just a minor social one — the likelihood that you’re spending at least $150 a month on booze is extremely high.

In an expensive city like Boston, I know that one cocktail alone can run at least $15! I invite you to take the time to look at your budget and truly examine how much money is going to alcohol.  

Now let’s look at the price of Reiki. If you go to a Reiki practitioner for energy work once a month — even a more expensive one who charges $150 a session – you are likely still spending less money than all of the beer wine, cocktails, mixed drinks, and spirits that you might have consumed, monthly, as a regular drinker.

Whether it’s Dry January, or any old month at all, I challenge you to take one full month in which you switch out alcohol for Reiki. See how the finances work out, and see how you feel in your body, soul, heart, and mind. Draw your own conclusions from there.

Reiki to Stop Drinking Alcohol, in Sum

I hope this article about the interplay between Reiki and alcohol has been helpful. If you have experienced (or are considering experiencing) using energy work to stop drinking alcohol, do leave a comment or question below to share your thoughts and experiences. Thanks, and here’s to health!

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