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Reiki Practitioner Cleansing Tips: Hygiene, Sheets, and More

As a Reiki practitioner who’s been training since 2018, I often think about the different aspects of hygiene: Keeping myself and my studio clean. Here are some of the tips on the topic of cleansing that I wish someone had told me before starting my own energy work business!

This article is specifically for Reiki professionals seeking advice about cleansing their space, but if you are a Reiki client who is looking for thoughts on chakra balancing and cleansing, click that link for more.

Being a Reiki practitioner requires cleansing the space and energy well.
Being a Reiki practitioner requires cleansing the space and energy well.

Personal Hygiene Before and During Reiki

Because Reiki — or any bodywork, for that matter — requires close proximity, personal hygiene for a Reiki practitioner is of utmost importance. A Reiki session cost isn’t cheap, so it’s vital for us to create a welcoming and cleansed space. What are some areas to pay special attention to?

1. Body cleansing.

I make sure that I’ve taken a shower shortly before I start my day as a Reiki Master, and if a few hours have passed since bathing, I’ll often do a quick washcloth cleanse of armpits, arms, and neck to make sure I’m smelling fresh. This leads directly to #2…

2. Scent-free self.

Because many Reiki clients have scent sensitivities, I try to be as fragrance-free as possible — picking lotions and cleansers with no or low scent.

3. Closely-fitting, clean clothes.

I change into fresh clothes right before starting my Reiki and life coach sessions, and make sure all garments are closely-fitting so that they don’t droop and flop onto clients as I lean over them on the table.

4. Well-managed hair.

I have short hair now, but when it was longer, I made sure it was pulled back neatly so that it didn’t drop onto clients during our sessions. I would also advise all Reiki practitioners to check their hair for lice every week if they have young children in the home.

5. Clean hands.

As my Reiki teachers and mentors all taught me, I always wash my hands directly before and after each Reiki session. This is both for physical cleanliness, and for the cleansing energetic ritual of starting and completing the energy flow.

6. Fresh breath.

Before I start my Reiki sessions for the day, I brush my teeth, and sometimes also gargle with mouthwash. Though masks are optional for my clients at this time, I do always wear a face covering, myself, because I do so much deep breathing during the Reiki session — much of it right next to clients’ faces. When I’m in the upper part of their body, I also aim to breathe out through my nose, only — not my mouth.

7. Quiet sound.

I make sure there is soft music playing from an ad-free station, and ensure that my phone is on “Do Not Disturb” mode, meaning it won’t vibrate. I close all windows and doors, and guide clients to silence their own phones and remove vibrating watches. As one of the 5 Reiki Principles states, “Just for today, I will not worry” — and pausing those pings and rings helps in that endeavor! (There have been instances where clients do need a phone nearby or on due to a family situation, and I naturally honor that, when it’s needed.)

8. Muted light.

Before the session itself starts, I turn off all lights, even if it’s night-time, because the candle provides a nice glow, and it’s easier to relax when it’s darker. I do ask permission from the client first, just to make sure the darkness is comfortable. During bright daylight days, I have curtains which block some of the outside sunshine. (For my professional Reiki images that I use on this site, there is more light used than I have in regular sessions.) Clients have sometimes requested eye masks as well.

9. Hydration.

I make sure to drink lots and lots of water before and after Reiki sessions, and urge my clients to do the same. It’s the #1 way to prevent getting a headache after Reiki, and does wonders for helping the energy keep flowing well.

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Reiki Sheets and Table

For my Reiki sessions, I use a massage table with a fleece topper, wrapped in a waterproof protective cover that can be sprayed and wiped down between clients. Over this, I place freshly-laundered sheets and face cradle covers for each client, along with a fresh pillowcase for the knee bolster.

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I also make sure that I have a clean and tidy “waiting room” where clients can safely place their personal items, and also sit and talk with me before and after our session. This is usually where we have the conversation about how many Reiki sessions are needed.

Fresh Air for the Studio

To cleanse the air between each Reiki client, I throw the doors open wide (they have a screen cover) to let the fresh breeze in — even in winter. I also have lightly scented candles burning for clients that enjoy them (I ask in our intake form whether they have sensitivities; making requests is encouraged for comfort).

If there has been a particularly strong scent in the room that I want to fully cleanse, I also have sage to burn. However, I use it sparingly, as the smoke can be irritating to some. (I always ask in my Reiki intake form if clients have sensitivities to certain smells.)

Cleansing Energy

What about cleansing the energy between sessions? Clients get Reiki for clarity and relaxation, so you want to make sure the space is pristine. I find that all the physical cleaning actions listed above go a long way towards this — however, a central other tool in the Reiki practitioner’s belt is to visualize or draw the Raku Reiki symbol to separate the client’s energy from yours.

Reiki Practitioner Cleansing Tips, in Sum

I hope these tips on cleansing for Reiki practitioners have been helpful! What other techniques do you use and recommend? Do share!

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