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Couples Reiki: A Romantic and Unique Date Activity

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been somewhat disappointed by couples massages. Sure, you’re in the same room as your partner during the activity, and usually are placed several feet away from each other, with different massage therapists– not touching, and often not even talking. Now, allow me to present an exciting alternative to the disconnection of couples massage: Couples REIKI!

As background, my name is Lillie and I’m a Reiki practitioner in Boston who has been working since 2018. Now, what is Reiki, in general, even before we bring couples into the mix? Reiki (pronounce Reiki: RAY-key) is a form of energy work in which the practitioner gently lays their hands on the recipient, who is reclining, fully clothed.

Me doing Couples Reiki in Boston.

Through the course of a 45, 60, or 90-minute session, the series of hand placements from the practitioner help the body enter an assisted meditative dream-state that promotes relaxation, processing, and healing. See my article called, “Is Reiki Real?” which summarizes how there’s nothing you need to “believe” about Reiki. There’s nothing necessarily mystical or wild about it; caring touch is simply, scientifically soothing! Now let’s bring couples into the mix…

What is Couples Reiki?

During a Couples Reiki session, the two members of the pair lay down, fully clothed, starting on their backs. In my studio, I have a large, thick mat, which I cover with soft sheets. I make sure the room is comfortably warm, and the lights are low, with a subtly scented candle flickering at the side of our space. Relaxing music plays in the background. Ambiance!

Before our session, I’ve had the couple fill out a short intake form, so I am aware of their intentions for the session, plus any sensitivities, areas to avoid, or other important background information. At the start of the session, I review these details, ask if there’s anything either member would like to add, and explain how the appointment will work. My Couples Reiki sessions are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

How to Do Energy Work on Two People at Once

Unlike a couples massage, where you’re not touching your sweetie, in Couples Reiki, you can hold hands or be snuggled together, as desired. What am I doing during the session, as the practitioner? Well, I do all of the hand placements I would undertake for an individual person, but I split them symmetrically between the two people, my left hand mirroring my right hand.

For example, when I have my left hand on one person’s belly (home of the yellow aura and Third Chakra), I have my right hand on the belly of the other person. When I move my left hand to the upper chest and heart of the first person (home of the green aura, meaning the Fourth Chakra), I draw my right hand to the heart of the second person. As we all breathe deeply together, this produces a beautiful wave-like rhythm, as all three chests rise and fall in patterns.

Unlike massage, you can hold hands during Couples Reiki.
Unlike massage, you can hold hands during Couples Reiki.

Friends and Family Can do Paired Reiki, Too

Something I’ve loved seeing: People are realizing that Couples Reiki isn’t just for romantic pairs! That’s right: It’s not just for married folks, or boyfriends and girlfriends that are dating. One of the most fabulous sessions I’ve had was two platonic female best friends who’d been besties for over 40 years. What a powerful and moving experience. Another session I had featured a mother and her daughter.

Effects of Couples Reiki

After our sessions, couples usually stay to debrief with me for a time. Over and over, they report that they were able to connect with their partner — and themselves — on a whole new level. Some experienced visions that helped bring clarity in a positive way.

They both always have a deeper understanding and appreciation than ever before. Many go on to then have new conversations and new connectedness in a way that was not possible before. They are even able to start making requests and express love in a happily free manner. Energy and gentle touch, paired with intention, are amazing!

How Much Does Couples Reiki Cost?

Couples Reiki generally costs between $100 and $250, which is slightly higher than an individual Reiki session cost. Why does it cost more? Speaking from my own experience, the set-up (all the sheets, plus the mat and ambiance) are more intensive, and the athletic positions I must assume in order to reach across two bodies are a real workout. Now, it’s very worth it for me to do Couples Reiki — I love it! — I just want to note that it’s extremely hard to find practitioners who do it, because it really takes something to do right.

If this price range seems high, I invite you to think of it this way: a dinner and date plus show or other activity would likely run you at least $200 for two people… and it would be more of the same old routine that nearly all pairs do. In contrast, Couples Reiki is an investment in a wonderful new, deeper way of connecting, and it pays off for years to come. As I explained in my article about how to stop drinking alcohol through energy work, we’re always spending money somewhere; consider shifting it to a new place for a short try, and see what happens.

Couples Reiki, in Sum

I hope this article has helped you see that Couples Reiki is a stupendous alternative to couples massage — and may even provide a better experience, if what you’re seeking is enhanced connection. If you’re around Massachusetts, feel free to reach out to me about an in-person Boston Couples Reiki session. I’d love to work with you and yours!

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