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How Much Does a Reiki Session Cost?

Common questions that people have when they are investigating whether energy work could be a fit for them is: What does a Reiki session cost? How much is an energy work treatment, per hour? The answer varies widely, depending on your context. This article will go in-depth about what in-person Reiki prices you can expect to pay, and how you know whether it will be worth it or not.

As background, my name is Lillie and I run a Boston, MA Reiki practice. I will be answering this question from my personal experience as a practitioner since 2018, and also as someone who is active in the Reiki community, and frequently talks with others about what they charge and pay as a Reiki treatment cost.

Reiki session cost
Reiki session costs vary!

Is Reiki Free?

Ok, first things first: People joke about being able to get Reiki for free from friends doing gentle hand placements, or even from acquaintances who have been officially attuned and trained — but I would not recommend this free Reiki as your primary means of getting energy work.

Why not? As my Reiki teachers emphasized over and over through the years, there’s an entirely different mindset when there is an exchange of money or barter for energy work, versus when it’s given out for free. Yes, it is lovely now and then to receive free Reiki, but energy work reaches a whole other level when it is formalized and compensated. For those who ask, “Is Reiki real?” then base their answers on free, informal sessions, please try a professional session first.

Reiki Shares and Exchanges

As I explained above, it is important for Reiki to be compensated in some way to honor its value, but the payment does not need to be via money. Reiki can be “paid for” by barters or exchanges. For example, I do a barter exchange with a masseuse and with a personal trainer.

There are also official Reiki shares, often run by teachers or energy work centers. To find official Reiki exchanges, check your local social media and meetup groups for centers near you that offer gatherings for trading Reiki for Reiki.

Reiki Session Cost Ranges

If you’re not doing a barter or exchange, what is the average cost of a Reiki session in dollars? Well, on the lower price end, smaller towns or practitioners who are just starting out may charge as low as $40 or $50 an hour for in-person treatments. Heck — when I was in my first month of building my business, even in the expensive city of Boston, I saw a few clients for just $25! As I explain in the article, “How Many Reiki Sessions are Needed?” many studios will offer discounts for bulk purchases, such as 3-packs.

More average, common Reiki prices for experienced practitioners run between $70 and $150 for an hour — similar to massage pricing. Some studios will offer a sliding scale, in which you decide whether you are willing and able to pay a lower or higher amount. Couples Reiki is usually a bit more expensive. Naturally, you are almost always welcome to add an extra tip on top of payment, but in many cases it is not expected. When in doubt, ask the practitioner, and they should give you an honest answer!

Reiki Treatment Cost and Value

Finally, there are some higher-end prices for Reiki that may well be worth it, if the practitioner is highly experienced, or has a specialty that perfectly fits what you are seeking. In larger cities like New York, I’ve seen studios that charge as much as $250 an hour for a Reiki session.

While this may seem like a steep fee, if you compare it to a big night out a restaurant or event, it can be a comparable and worthwhile investment. (See my full rundown of Reiki vs. alcohol costs for more.) After all, when done right, even one session of Reiki can be a life-changing activity!

A Warning About Reiki Prices

Now, a warning: I once had a woman reach out to me who said she had been quoted $5,000 for a Reiki treatment cost for a one-hour session by a woman in Vermont that she’d found on the internet. WHAT?!

I get truly upset when I hear stories like this, because in many cases, the person offering the service is preying on the fears of the potential client in a way that may not be to their ultimate benefit. Sure, you are welcome to try a hugely expensive energy work service if you see real value in it for yourself, but I urge you to FIRST book a more reasonably-priced practitioner for perspective.

Reiki Session Cost Summary

I hope this article explaining in-person Reiki session cost structures has been useful. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about Reiki prices per hour of treatment — or any other energy work topics!

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